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Original seasoned laver

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Original seasoned laver

│ Description │

- Original seasoned laver with a unique and traditional taste of Korea.
- Extra nutty and crunchy.

│ Features of Haematt Laver │

- Haematt Laver products have consistent quality since the company runs a laboratory where each product’s moisture, sodium, and oil level are measured and verified for optimal manufacturing standards.

- Seasoned laver can become rancid, stink and become poisonous when it is too old or kept inadequately since the product uses oil. Haematt Laver products are safe as acid and peroxide values of each product are measured in its lab every day.

- Haematt Laver’s products are very safe as the company removes every metal component in all ingredients (dried laver) and non-metal components are cleaned out by a video detector.

- Haematt Laver is extra crunchy as it is fried in high temperature.

│ Specification │

- Packing Condition: Net Weight. 0.19oz (Pack of 3)

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Original seasoned laver